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Land Based Shark Fishing in Georgia….

There is an up and coming sport that you may or may not be aware of, and it’s catching Sharks from land! That’s right, you don’t need a boat, a guide, or a big wad of cash, to have a very exiting fishing adventure with a handful of good friends. If I have your attention, read on…


Hello! I’m Railroader, and I’d like to welcome you to GSF (Georgia Shark Fishing). This site is part of a land based shark fishing network, that is spreading to every state that has some coastline. The “central office” is Texas Shark Fishing, and there you will find everything that you need to either get started, or improve your fishing, if you are already involved. We have how-to articles, tons of photos, and fishing reports on one of the best message boards on the internet. You won’t find a friendlier or more helpful bunch of folks, and there is none of the “Newbie Bashing” that you find running so rampant when you try and learn about a new subject. You will also not find any “Chest Thumpers” out to prove how tough they are. That sort of thing is not what we’re about, and not tolerated. If you show up eager and ready to get with it and go Sharkin’, you’ll get more help than you could ever ask for, from a group of people that will suddenly become Your Team, and help you to succeed. There are links all over this page that will take you where you need to go, so c’mon in, look around, and pull up a chair at our campfire.

A couple years ago, some fishing buddies and I decided that we would “get serious” about catching and releasing large sharks from land. After a few phone calls, and some internet chat, Team Southern Salt Command (Team SSC) was born. Shark fishing is a team effort, there is no other way to do it. This can’t be stressed enough. As of now, Team SSC has about half a dozen guys that are involved, and we will go with two, but prefer at least three, to make each trip. Sharkin’ can be dangerous, so make sure you have capable back up. SAFETY FIRST!!!





This was an 8’6″ Lemon Shark, caught and successfully released, at Jekyll Island. As you can see, handling this fish would be near impossible to accomplish alone. Accomplishment is a good word, here. I can’t put into words the feeling my team had that morning, after winning a hard fight with a big fish, and then watching it swim away, no worse for wear, and able to do it again another day, or maybe even on another coast, somewhere…

So there you have it, just a little taste of what land based shark fishing is all about. Along the Georgia and North Florida Coast, there are at least a dozen great spots to catch a big fish. All the information you could ever need is at your fingertips, so get involved, get ready, and get it done.

Contact either myself, or Allaroundfishin’ at the TSF Messageboard, and we’ll be glad to help you along your shark fishing journey.